Cozy Mystery Writer

Jayne Ormerod


Jayne has been talking about writing longer than she has been writing mysteries! She has many workshops prepared and ready to go, either in person (locally) or Skype (out of area.) You can email her at or reach out through Facebook Messenger. A partial list of her topics includes:

  • The Three D's of Writing (Dialogue, Description and Details)
  • Top Ten Tips for New Writers
  • The Many Hats of a Writer
  • The Fine Art of Critiquing; How to Give and Recieve Constructive Criticism
  • Show v. Tell
  • Anatomy of a Novel; The Bones of your WIP
  • For Gawd's Sake, Put Some Clothes On; How to Dress the Skeleton of a Novel
  • Conflict in Fiction




Facebook: Jayne Ormerod, author